Change Management

Those seeking to change strategies, structures, processes, systems or behavior patterns in an organization need a plan and clear approaches.

Supportive Leadership

The sources of human enthusiasm in leadership lie in inspiring, inviting and encouraging other brains.


The development of competencies is in the foreground. The issues are individual and diverse.

Team Development

Trust, responsibility, a good spirit in a team increase the efficiency with which work is carried out.


Moderation is more than merely writing cards! A clear approach supports the work in a group efficiently.

Yes She Can

Women who call attention to their successes attain higher positions and receive more money.

Customer's opinion

Buschalla & Team

My name is Axel Nauert and I am the Managing Director of Buschalla & Team. I am a certified psychologist with a focus on organizational psychology.

Along the lines of the proverb“Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down” I have been providing support for over 20 years to management and companies with an eye to their further development and goal attainment. During this time, I have, through my consultancy activities, accompanied many women and men on their way to top management positions, as well as with job-related changes.

Dependent on task and position, I have a team of experienced consultants at my disposal that can draw on many years of experience with management and change scenarios in business and industry.



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