The objective of coaching is the development and unfolding of your potential.

Every individual, as well as their brain, is capable of developing throughout a lifetime.

One of the most important insights gained from brain research is that people can only realize their range of potential when they are enthusiastic about something. In coaching, my goal is to encourage and inspire you to abandon familiar, long-travelled, paths and to discover new ones.

There are many situations and objectives why individual coaching may be a wise option, for example when pursuing one of the following goals:

  • Firming up your professional goals, and developing a plan to fulfill them
  • Working through acute or deadlocked conflicts
  • Mental overload, confronting the loss of meaning and motivation
  • Incubating ideas
  • Exploring communication or collaboration problems with colleagues, superiors or within a team
  • Improving your self-marketing (personal branding).

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