Supportive Leadership

Inspired by the work of Prof. Gerald Hüthers and his initiative Kulturwandel in Unternehmen und Organisationen (Cultural Transformation in Companies and Organizations), I invite you, as a manager, to become acquainted with the idea behind Supportive Leadership.

Supportive Leadership is the name of a new management concept that encourages managers to motivate their staff for joint targets and to work towards the strategic advancement of their company with all of their capabilities. The combination of strong motivation and creative enthusiasm on the part of all those involved yields a high-performance organization that gives each staff member the feeling that things depend on them, that they are needed and that their personal progress is a being strengthened.

The basis for this is the supportive, appreciative and mutually-respectful interaction of all involved. In this way, a culture of relationship is generated in which individual staff members, teams and the whole company is empowered to grow beyond themselves.

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