Team Development

Turning a group into a team requires more than mutual objectives or a new organigram.

When several people – and brains – are expected to work together, various communication styles, characters and behavioral qualities encounter one another. Conflicts and barriers must be resolved, rules and roles worked through, and the individual, as well as his or her capabilities, must find the way into a team formation.

Preliminary interviews with the individual team members can help to obtain a picture of the current situation, including the difficulties and challenges.

Tools like MBTI or Insights MDI can aid in highlighting the diversity within the team, as well as how to put it to good use. Indoor or outdoor activities as a challenge for the team can serve as a metaphor for the team responsibilities that reflect actual everyday work situations.

As a result, we achieve a common consciousness and accordance for further goals and developmental tasks. In addition to this, we generate sustainably operative experiences that underpin the fundamental cohesion in the team.

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